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Empty Hands to Open Arms: from Infertility to Possibility is now available at my website by the same name:


I am thrilled to introduce Empty Hands to Open Arms: From Infertility to Possibility:

This title is currently being carried in most major Christian Bookstores across Canada. It is available to order through Amazon and Chapters/Indigo bookstores as well as in eBook format.  Personally signed copies are available from my own inventory as well.

A hot tidal wave of tears and pent-up hopelessness released a fissure of pain. I looked for something to destroy, and the only thing I could do was kick, shred, punch, and rip apart an entire case of toilet paper. I screamed and cried, aiming it all at God. I bawled and shouted, “How unfair You’ve been to me! Why did You promise and not come through? Why couldn’t You have intervened sooner? What was all this for?” I sobbed out years of sorrow in the silence of our country rental home.

 My life and faith were in crisis.

 – From Empty Hands to Open Arms

Insightful and revealing… Paula has done a superb job sharing her journey through the valley of unfulfilled desire to find rest and peace in the green pastures of acceptance. Her intimate sharing from her heart will be an inspiration and encouragement to one who is hurting and seeking meaning when the deepest longing of the soul seems to be out of reach. Paula has discovered joy, peace, and wisdom which comes from learning to accept what she cannot change and do what she is able to with passion and joy… to love and care for the many precious children in her world and minister to them with a mother’s heart.

— Pastor Robert Powell
New Beginnings Church, Alliston, ON


 What comfort can be offered to a couple or individual after an infertility diagnosis? How do you come to terms with such a radical change in your understanding of God’s purpose for you? Paula’s story is familiar, and its silver lining is the elusive hope that many people search for. When adoption is not an option, and the possibility of being a parent dwindles, Empty Hands to Open Arms presents a different kind of resolution, rooted in God’s faithfulness.         

– Amy Groening, Word Alive Press