If you have ever wondered…


Photo Courtesy of Bing Images

Photo Courtesy of Bing Images

If you have ever wondered about your life and how you can improve it, you are not alone.

So often we struggle in life with various challenges and do so … alone.    Yet you are not alone.  Besides the fact that many people all around you care about what you are going through, you have a God in Heaven, who cares very much what happens to you.  He has chosen to wait as a perfect Gentleman for you to want His help.  He won’t take over where He has not been invited to.  He is completely ravished by you and loves so deeply.  God thinks you are pretty cool and guess what, He doesn’t think you need to earn His love.  No working for His kindness.  You are His favorite.  You are the one that He misses the most.

He sent Jesus so that all the bad things that have ever happened to you whether others inflicted or self inflicted would be wiped away.  No record of it.  Clean slate.  He just wants to know if you want it or not.

His invitation is simple, “Come”  It’s easy.  Just a little decision.  If you call on Him, asking for help, He is there.  He’s been waiting, longing and loving you from a distance.  Actually He is only at arms length, because we are the only ones to push Him away.   Do you think you have to be perfect to come to Him? You don’t.  You already are perfect in His eyes.  He sees you at your best.  Just come to Him.

“Help God, I need You.”  Is the best prayer ever spoken.  You and He can talk about anything.  He is listening, He is here, He is near.


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