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Hi Friends!

Tonight is an exciting night for my husband and I.  We will be featured on a live call-in show :  Mini & Friends on CPKC Radio out of Brantford, Ontario 1380 AM on the dial.  It is in promotion of our story of coping with Infertility.  Our story was published in 2015, EMPTY HANDS TO OPEN ARMS:  From Infertility to Possibility.  Listen online at  and click on Listen Live!  The Show is live tonight from 10:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. EST  Hope to hear you there!

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Its a bouncing baby…book!?

Book launch cake 2

Here it is!  My bouncing baby book!  Empty Hands to Open Arms has been conceived in the womb of my imagination and brought to life and knit lovingly together with every blog post and the jot notes of my scribble journal.  It’s my story, launched this past week.

One year ago, I had high hopes of entering the publishing world.  Now here at the end, I realize that publishing a book seems very much like a pregnancy term.  Ironically from the beginnings of putting material to print to its fresh-off-the-press date, this book was birthed after just nine months.

Allow me to explain,

The conception of the idea of actually putting a for-real manuscript together came through my husband.  Dario was on a shopping trip when he happened upon a contest information card for Word Alive Press.  He knew my desire to publish and encouraged me to enter the contest for free publishing which closed June 15, 2015.

Then I did nothing.  I really didn’t discover I was seriously pregnant with the desire to write my book until the beginning of April.  It was at that moment that inspiration, possibility and the challenge hit me all at once.  I was going to write a book!

In my first trimester: April, May and June, writing just seemed like a lot of work with not a lot to show for it.  There was the exception of mood swings and crazy cravings for endless snacks as I wrote page after page.  Soon my ‘baby’ began to take shape and form and on June 15th, I submitted my manuscript and synopsis of the story.

My second trimester: July, August and September, I surely showed signs of growth.  My manuscript was accepted and I discovered I had been shortlisted in the non-fiction category.  It was during this time that the book adventure was becoming more real as I completed preliminary editing and the short synopsis and author’s biography for the back of the book. I could feel a quickening as I realize the dream of publishing was going to actually happen.

The third trimester:  October, November, December seemed to take forever.  Will this book ever come out!  Back aches from all that computer time, and a tired feeling made me know that I was ready for the whole process to be completed. During this period the process of editing, rewriting, correcting and fine tuning of cover design, and the final typesetting of the book would determine what this creation would actually look like.

Finally, birth! The moment arrived by mid-December and the books were hot off the press.  The delivery was accomplished with a whole lot of labor.  Especially as we had to get the books up our steps and into our home!

Parenting our new bundle of books has been a joy.  At nearly two months, we have already seen “her” gain much attention.  Friends are congratulatory and others want to hold and admire.

Something is gnawing at me though.  There is a stirring inside of me – an idea, a thought, and a possibility.  Is it another dream?  I think there might be a sibling!

  • Today, together we launch Empty Hands to Open Arms, treat her kindly as she enters the world and help her to find her home in the empty hands that need her the most.

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