Dear Card Company**

** Well known Card companies now carry real life need cards like cancer diagnosis, child-loss, infertility, and suicide:  When words are not enough…  Here is a letter i wished I could have written to express what distress Mother’s day advertising did to my heart.


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Dear Card Company,

Okay.  So yesterday was Mother’s Day!  I found that this was the year that I found such peace in celebrating the newly found Mother-hood I have as a Caregiver for the children in my work.  It has been a process and I wanted to let you know that although you were not completely responsible for my distress, your pretty cards, gifts and mementos on display at the shopping centre did make tiny incisions in my heart each time I walked past, during the years I experienced the most pain in my infertility journey.

I understand that you, the company began making Mother’s Day cards in the 1920’s. This is where the tradition  began in North America for the 2nd Sunday in May to celebrate the Mothers all around us.  I get it.  It’s good to say thank you Mom for all the things that she has done in raising all of us.  I bet you didn’t know though that that simple gesture of creating those cards would start a holiday that would have everyone celebrating with gifts, cards, dinners out, tributes, commercials on TV, special ads on the internet, inspire poetry, photos, blog posts, tweets on twitter and numerous reminders for those of us trying our hardest to conceive.

Since it would devastate sales at this time of year to ask you to remove said holiday cards, I believe we would could come up with a compromise.  Since in some ways infertility can cause individuals to suffer in silence, let’s give these men (on Father’s Day) and women a voice in creating cards that reflect the difficulty at this time of year.

For example:

I know Mother’s day can hurt.  Please know I care…

Wishing you all that you desire on Mother’s day…one day, your very own!  Take comfort from a caring friend.

Hoping and praying with you for all the dreams you long for.  Let your broken heart heal with the love that surrounds you today.

This would acknowledge and give hope to many individuals suffering from infertility and assist with breaking the silence.

Thank you!

Your Friend