Hello friend.  Welcome and thank you for coming.th

As a Freelance writer, I have always wanted to write from the heart.  Having had the privilege of being published with several articles for a Christian Newspaper and magazine, I have had a strong leading to begin to write on a topic that means a lot to me.  Infertility has touched my life and our home.  It has been a painful journey, yet it has taken me many years to really understand what a true relationship with Jesus is in order to be comforted in this life.

I want to say here, that I have not “arrived” and am completely “fixed”.  I continue to learn and to grow.  I do believe in Supernatural Healing and always will.  His promises for healing in the Bible and through some of my own experiences of receiving healing in my physical body are enough.  What I do not know is the how, when and where physical healing will come.  Through my open arms to the Lord… I will continue to trust.

Through my own experiences, through the books I have been blessed to read, through the scriptures, the words of God inspired, through the counsel of loving Pastors, I have learned to let God begin to heal me.  Out of this I have compiled a small personal creed:

The Lord is teaching me to always return to the place of peace and rest, to keep open arms up before the Lord, in being ready to embrace Him and His will for my life through:

A vulnerability in allowing God  and others to hear and see what infertility has cost and heartfelt prayer and trust for His resolution for me.

A receptivity and openness to receive the comfort of heaven in order to hear and understand others to give support and encouragement toward resolution, whatever that may be.

An expectancy for God, and faith in His promises to the unfolding of His plan in whatever way He chooses.

A lifelong resolution, having been strengthened in order to move forward in the plan of God and trust in His timing of the unfolding of His plan.

So feel free to read and comment, ask a question or share your story.  We are in this together.

My husband and I live on a country property in Ontario, Canada and enjoy the outdoors, a perfect atmosphere for writing!




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