This is the Moment

This is the moment I have chosen to return to the place where I have worn my heart on my literary sleeve.  This is the moment after a year of absence, I am returning to re-connect with those I have lost touch with in this blogging community.  I have returned.

In the space of a few words I hope to share my year with you.

Life has been lived out in my silence of walking through the reality of living my child friendly life.  I continued to be a part of the family I was a Nanny for until Little J decided to grow up.  For a few months in the beginning of this year I enjoyed unemployment in which I pursued more time to write.  I had always said if I had four months I would complete my book.

In the corresponding months of March to June, I penned the inspiration, history and lessons learned in my life living with the realities of infertility.  I has been a tough road.  Even in the writing process, I found myself reliving some of the emotions I experienced over the last twelve plus years. All the while my blog remained quiet and silent.  The manuscript for Empty Hands to Open Arms was completed in time to enter a writing contest with Word Alive Press.  

I was thrilled this past July to be shortlisted in the contest and was given a publishing opportunity for my book to reach bookshelves by Christmas 2015.  The involvement of publishing a book has been both exciting and hard work.  The folks at Word Alive Press have assisted me with every step in the process.  I will have more information of the distribution as December draws near.

Please allow me to introduce my book to all of you:

empty hand to open arms ebook (1) for Facebook, etc


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