Finding Home!


homeThe time I spent away from our present home to reconnect with those people who are truly so valuable to me, was the best time I could have invested. I’m glad to be home, but also grateful for the people who love me by choice, and not just by blood. I’m talking of my Mom and my siblings, all nieces, nephews, their spouses and children: twenty-five families in all.  I am also so grateful for the friendships that have remained in spite of the distance.  I am always thrilled to spend time with these timeless relationships.  The whirlwind of travel included driving through three provinces there and back, plus connecting with new people my husband and I met along the way.  In many ways it will always remain “home.”

I will always be so thankful for the friendships I have here in the province where I now live and those friends, employers, leaders and even in-laws that I have grown to love so deeply.  I know individuals who have impacted me so profoundly over the years – all eight years to be precise.   These individuals who have helped  me heal may never know the full extent of their influence by their love and patience as I grappled with life’s issues.  Eternity will tell all.  This is home.

Thank you from my whole heart!



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