My Laptop Died Today! (A reblog)


Photo Courtesy of Bing Images

Photo Courtesy of Bing Images

My laptop died today! I can’t believe it. I was so prepared in every way to sit and conjure many thoughts to put to keyboard. I even had a quirky idea.

I found a cold bottle of water and a peach yogurt for physical sustenance. I opened the window for fresh inspiration, and seated myself. I pressed the little power button.

That power button is my transportation from one realm to the next. I can flee from the here and now, into the future hopes of life, or into the saddest parts of the past. I can leap from thought to thought without any plan of an end.

Today I pushed the power button and heard that familiar ‘whoosh’ of the power and all things coming alive, only to be followed by an irritating ‘mneep’.

I tried again.



I tried to push again with illogical hope that this time I would succeed. I found myself hoping and yearning for the lap top to make it. I doubled my efforts at electronic CPR, one, one thousand, two one thousand…



I could not go on. The loss of my laptop is such a sad situation indeed. I closed the lid and slid it into its carrying case, much like a body laid to rest until its hopeful resurrection by a trained technician. If only it would speak to me again.

So today I am lamenting the denial of access of the free world of my imagination with the gentle blinking of the cursor line and the pitter-patter of keystrokes like a refreshing summer rain.

I remember that this blinking cursor is an invitation to begin, a loving whisper from my laptop that it is now time. Each thought is important as it is committed to the page. All has value when written in a logical order.

The ‘save’ button subliminally encourages the next step of committal. I pause before solidifying my thoughts and press ‘save’ to forever cause them to be relieved from a future in the recycle bin.

My laptop, so kind to me at this point, understands I am human and it is not. Yet my laptop is forgiving and has once again given to me a way out. The edit button, an eternal icon for second chances of a lifetime of mistakes, is a chance to pursue perfection.

The final goal, the final destination: “Publish.”

My lap top is always ready without nagging or relentlessly pushing, however, not today.

“Wait!” I whisper aloud. A round slender, blue object fits perfectly in a tri-fingered grip. My pen beckons me as it’s coach to let it play. I slowly pick it up, scribble an ink test and I begin.

My laptop died today…


8 thoughts on “My Laptop Died Today! (A reblog)

  1. Poor thing! What a tragedy. Back to pen and paper! I wonder how pre-digital writers eg. 19th century managed…!
    I’ve been awarded a Liebster award today, and I can pass it on to a few bloggers. I was wondering if you’d like to accept it? Let me know what you think. 😉


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