Second Chance


Photo Courtesy of Bing Images

Photo Courtesy of Bing Images

A crumpled paper found.   Softened through the wrinkles of time. Pen ink muddled, water stained or tears?  Words, faded now, the hurt had not.  I am left to wonder who?  Opening to smooth the deeply etched request, I read simple words rejected in haste.

My dear Molly,

I am sorry.  I love you. Won’t you stay?

Love,  James

My eyes misty and I wish for his second chance.


9 thoughts on “Second Chance

  1. I REALLY like this piece. The description of the letter itself is the best part. The question of why the ink looks as it does is what stands out the most.

    I don’t really have much more to contribute outside of GOOD JOB!!


  2. I really like the way that you introduced this piece. Lovely images- “a crumpled paper found, softened through the wrinkles of time,pen ink muddled, water stain or tears?” Such beautiful writing. This writing stands alone or could be used as the introduction to a longer story. Does the reader know or meet James? Fall in love with or encounter James? Who is this character, James? So many lovely possibilities!

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