Writing 101, Day One: Unlock the Mind


Writing 101, Day One:  Unlock the Mind

Free flow thought is kind of scary.  I feel though I should offer a little explanation of what I am doing to all of my readers.  On Word press, some of us are taking the challenge of writing every day.  I will have the challenge of not only writing, but completing assignments that are meant to enhance my writing skills.  This first assignment deals with writing… just that writing.  I have no clue as to what will come about this experience or even what this post will look like after twenty minutes.  Ok that’s been three minutes.

My job at the moment is to just write what I am thinking and in doing so keep it up for twenty minutes.  I do plan on partaking of some of the twists to the assignments given each day and I hope to get feed back on the writing skills I possess.  I kind of think that these free flow thoughts help us to distinguish how we really write, what we really think and how we put it together.  I suppose it is a baseline of sorts to see improvement as we go.  Wow.  That has been six minutes.  I can’t keep looking at the clock though or I will drive myself crazy.

This is a perfect day to write.  My little J is asleep.  Nap time is a great time for writing and the air outside is cooling to a beautiful breeze.  A police car just drove by so I’m interrupted in my train of thought.  Oh yeah this was supposed to be free flow thought.  Anyway back to the perfect day to write.  The other part of a quiet peaceful place for this free flow thought is the view I am enjoying at the home of my Nanny position. There are beautiful trees that are just outside my window and I can see the twin evergreens in the back ground.  In the foreground are two very bushy, green and purple lilac trees.  I can almost smell their fragrance.  Out in the distance are other farmlands and the sounds of the day is being musically enveloped by beautiful birds.  We at least I think they are beautiful birds.  I cannot see them, but I can hear their song.  I am wondering how long I can actually keep this up as I have not stopped now for ten minutes.  Great, there is only ten to go.  I am itching to stop and edit what I have written.  I am longing to stop and fix my typos and I really want to change the words I have repeated.  Oh well.  I have committed myself to this twenty minute writing.  To those of you who are still reading.  I applaud you and thank you for sticking around.  It is not everyday that you can invite a group of loyal readers into your brain for a twenty minute chat.  Now where was I?  Oh yes we were talking about the environment in which I am writing.

I have always loved to write and do wish I simply had more time to do so.  I am looking forward to the day where I can just sit for hours and write.  It is amazing to me how this free flow finds so many bunny trails.  I always say… I make embark on a bunny trail, but I always catch the bunny and return home.  It is such a fun way to be.  I think I spend far too much time considering what I am going to write, how I am going to write it and where I am actually going with what I am writing.  In this exercise, I have none of that and I do know I will need to pause at some point just to save my document.  I think I will do that now.  Pause.  Save.  Resume.

Okay I have been writing almost nonstop for 13 minutes.  I know that is not impressive to some, but I am grateful.

My brain though is running out of words to say and I will be happy when this is completed so I can go back and do what I need to do to fix all my typos.

What have I learned?  Well, I didn’t realize how very full my brain was and how in the background all through the day is this constant dialogue.  I do know at times I do dialogue with God and prayers throughout the day are short sweet and to the point.  I did not realize how much is really going on and how much I actually speak during a day.  Now with my laptop in order I know that I do have a lot to say, and unlocking some of the ideas that are already inside my head can lead to numerous avenues for branching off in my blog.  I will be sticking with my topic regarding infertility and I will become a better storyteller at telling my own story.

Wow.  It is hard to believe I have one minute left until I have been writing for twenty minutes.  I’m glad I’ve done it and I’m glad that this piece has some hope of being a tangible and understood post. Thanks everyone for reading to the end!  Have a great day!


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