Stay Calm on High Alert


Photo by Paula

squirrel picture 004

Photo by Paula

You have seen them.  Squirrels I mean… they are always moving.  They dart from tree to tree.  These squirrels dash across the lawn and then stop, gazing at you from behind the flowers.  Chitter chattering and fidgety, they eye you… warning you not to come any closer.  In many ways they are the epitome of activity. I wonder what goes through these silly squirrels minds sometimes.   Are they constantly moving because they have some inner push to do more?  Are they concerned about the day’s food supply?  Do they scamper because they need to loose the extra five ounces they have put on because they ate too many nuts yesterday?  Have they inner turmoil or anxiety because they have not given birth to their quota of pups each season, or in some cases cannot bear at all?

I identify with the squirrel.  At least for me personally, I have been in such a state of high anxiety at times with the whole idea that somehow I could not manage to produce one tiny baby.  This idea consumed my life.  Constant anxiety frenzied me when I tried to make things happen.  My chitter chattering and fidgety prayers rose heavenward.  Each week, something reminded me of my failure.  Some days it is the shopping mall with children at every turn.  Another day it will be the ads in the paper or the television commercials with healthy snacks for toddlers, or the dreaded Mother’s Day tradition.  These were like strangers invading my peace and quiet time alone.

This past week, I was honored to meet the little fellow pictured above.  I was about to exit onto my deck when I stopped in my tracks.  There on the BBQ, a tiny red squirrel sat with it’s back to me, simply warming in the sun.  When he (I assume it was a he) heard my approach, he simply turned to look and re-positioned his body to face me.  He was no more than a  youngster and all the while as I snapped the photos he just sat there eyeing me, calm but on high alert, in case my intentions turned violent.  I know this is bad, but my heart had compassion for this lonely little friend so I brought him some nuts to munch.  Throughout this time, he never moved and never took his eyes off me.  His little body was tensed ready to spring into action.  I admired his alert calmness in the middle of what could have been his last meal.  He never succumbed to the  desire for food.  He just watched me.   He was in peace.

I can learn from this little guy.. in the midst of any challenge it is not easy to stay calm, cool and collected.  Yet the alternative of chattering and springing about is no life of peace.  I also see that it is good to be alert and aware of what the triggers are that can begin a torrent of tears any given night.

The Bible is so clear on how we should view anxiety and stress.  “Be anxious for nothing, but by everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God and the peace of God which passes all understanding shall guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus.”  Philippians 4:6-7

So peace to you my friend and may your requests for a child be made known to God, so that peace will return to your heart and mind.

Tonight I open another page on my blog to invite  you to do just that.  If you or someone you know are looking for a little one through conceiving your own child or are hoping to adopt, I would like to stand with you in prayer for your desire.  I will have a contact form here on the tab called “Heaven’s Requests”, a separate prayer page.  Together we can agree for your breakthrough.  Sometimes it’s just nice to know someone is praying for you.



One thought on “Stay Calm on High Alert

  1. Very insightful Paula. So many of us do run around, darting here and there, trying to get something….when we should be still and let God


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