The Other Mother

No matter if you’ve suffered a miscarriage or still birth, have been TTCing for months or years, adopted your children, became a step-mom, lost your perfect baby, or have a bright and cheerful bundle of joy–you are a mother, and today is your day. A very special Happy Mother’s day to EVERY type of mother! ~Missy Lanning

I found this video on a very precious lady’s blog  who is doing all she can to bring a little one into this world and so in mutual admiration of Missy Lanning’s message it is presented here.

You may need these:

Photo courtesy of Bing Images

Photo courtesy of Bing Images

Motherhood has so many faces.  Even those who have given birth but for one reason or another have had to give that baby up for a better future, Mother’s Day is for you too!

I am the “Other Mother”.  Each day I put everything I am into nurturing one little boy.  I am a Nanny that has a special little relationship with a not quite two year old.  I am happy that over the years I have had special little relationships with many children in my life as a Nursery, Sunday School and Educational Assistant.  In fact this year in June  2014, I will be celebrating 25 years as an Early Childhood Educator.  The children I have taught over the years have become ‘my children’.  People used to be shocked when I’d reply that I had eleven children depending on the number I had in my class each year.

It is through one of these special relationships that I received one of the best gifts ever.  Ironically, it was a Mother’s Day present.  It was a simple poem written by a grateful Mom on a colorful card cut out of her five year old son’s hand shape.   Accompanying this card was a clay hand print of her other one year old daughter.

 2014 037

The card read:  You’re our “Other Mother”,  you’ve been there from the start.  We didn’t grow in your tummy, we grew right in your heart.

I have kept that simple honest, heartfelt gesture of love for four years now and I never get tired of reading and re-reading it.  These “heart grown” children will always stay, no matter how old they get.  With each new year comes new additions of  these special children and cause my heart to expand.

I suppose that if I were to describe ‘Motherhood’, I’d like to find a way to describe the nurturing love that “Other Mother’s” have though they may have or may not have ever given birth.

Who are these “Other Mother’s” ?   They are your friends who offer weeknights to watch your children, while you enjoy a well deserved “date night”.  They are your children’s Nursery, Kindergarten, Sunday School Teachers that dry tears and soothe owies while you are at work.  They are the elderly lady who never married, lives next door and always puts extra treats in your children’s bag at Halloween.  They are women who never had children, but love yours.  These “Other Mother’s are all around.  How will you show them your love and appreciation this Mother’s Day?





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