Survive and Thrive


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Did you know that April 29th, 2014 was National Zipper Day?  How did you celebrate?  You didn’t?  What a shame.  According to the writers of   National Zipper Day has been celebrated on April 29th since, well, no one knows who first started celebrating this day.  The original “Separable Fastener” was patented in 1917.  It was the B.F. Goodrich Company that named it the zipper in 1923.

What am I getting at?  There is another unofficial holiday on May 4th, 2014 that is gaining attention with each new year.  Every year the first Sunday in May is dedicated to those couples who have and are dedicating time, energy, finances and labours of love in the pursuit of conceiving a child.  National Infertility Survival Day® was created by Barbara Barna, Author of Infertility Sucks!  Keeping it all together when sperm and egg stubbornly remain apart.   “This is a day invented to celebrate all the hard work and effort that infertile couples put towards trying to have a child.” Barna says, “The day’s main emphasis is on self-care and celebration for what they do have. It’s also a day for friends and family to help lift the spirits of a loved one coping with infertility.”

Now, before you send me flowers and well wishes, it is not required.  As a couple, my husband and I have set aside this dream.  I have discovered in myself that while I long for a child, I no longer am tormented to be pregnant.  Nothing is impossible with God and while I understand the Biblical story of Abraham and Sarah puts a “miracle in your old age” as plausible, I have quietly left that door ajar.

As Mother’s Day looms in the near future, it seems refreshing to be able to celebrate all we have as TTC (trying to conceive) or TTA (trying to adopt) couple, where the common denominator is waiting.

Today I am spreading the news.  It’s time to be good to ourselves.  For one day out of the year take a break and just enjoy a day!  Enjoy a special meal together, just you and your special someone.  Smile, and if you are really bold, laugh.  Out loud.  Celebrate what infertility has taught you.  You have learned determination and kept hope alive each step of the way.  I trust this experience is drawing you and your spouse closer and that you have found a Heavenly Father who cares deeply and considers every tear precious.  Infertility costs that’s true.  The labours of love will produce.  Resolution will come.  It’s time to not only survive, but to thrive.




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